First Look at 460 Washington

Thanks very much to R. for sending over a photo of the rendering of 460 Washington—the 10-story, 107-unit, presumably rental building going up on Ponte Equities land leased by Related and designed by Ismael Leyva Architects [NOTE: See update below]—that was posted on the construction fencing. You can click to enlarge.

All in all, it’s not bad—or at least it could be much worse. Of course it doesn’t show the bulkheads/mechanicals visible in the schematics.

Update: BKSK emailed this: “We saw your post about our project, 460 Washington St, and would like to clarify the credit. Ismael Leyva is the Architect of Record; BKSK Architects is the Design Architect for the project.”

460 WashingtonUpdate: I popped by to see if I could get a crisper photo. The rendering was done as if the sun is pointing toward the viewer, making the building hard to see. But I think this might give a better sense of the brick (if you click to enlarge).



  1. It would be amazing if they didn’t start pounding the huge foundation beams into the ground at 7am. They rattle our building and the sound resonates through my apartment. Bad enough to hear them all day, while working from home, but when you can’t even enjoy your morning coffee, it makes me glad that I am moving out of Truffles at the end of this month.

  2. SP
    we had to deal with this when truffles was going up too ;)

    Big but it looks like it belongs
    I agree it looks pretty decent with the brick finishes and definitely far more in character with the neighborhood than Truffles.

    Bksk architects
    Thank you adding to this neighborhood and not detracting from it. It is appreciated!

  3. ick
    looks like something in Hoboken

  4. I don’t really think it fits. It looks like someone tried to avoid the all glass modern look, so threw some brick exterior onto an otherwise modern, sterile,shape. I couldn’t afford to live there anyways so who cares what I think?

  5. Granted, It looks like a few of the buildings more towards the Eastern edge of Tribeca and not the older more ornate warehouses on the Western edge.
    But certainly more relevant to what is in the neighborhood than Truffles (for ex.)
    The other option would be another all glass structure (I think you would agree we have plenty of those now) – this to me is preferable.

    It’s not bad.. Could it be better? yes definitely… but the Ponte 100 year lease investment timeline is the reason why they will not spend the extra money.