Here Comes Fairway Market

255 GreenwichThe New York Post reports that Fairway Market has signed a lease at 255 Greenwich (at Murray), the building that had been known as 75 Park Place until it was rebranded in an effort to attract a big-box retailer. It will be “a jumbo store of more than 52,000 square feet.” The more supermarkets the better, but does it have to be one block from Whole Foods?

The Post says it’ll open next year.

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  1. really? wow, that will be excellent!

  2. A little overkill for that area. Couldn’t they have found space in North Tribeca. There’s nothing up that way.

  3. Terrific news. Fairway is an excellent market. It’s also very different than Whole Foods. We’d all love a good store like this in our neighborhoods – like BPC! However, this is still great news.

  4. Fairway likes this location because it’s near corporate lunch crowds both current and forthcoming who only have an hour. Res grocery shoppers will make the trek. North Tribeca is swell, but no foot traffic.

  5. A little competition is never a bad thing for us customers :)!

  6. Great news. Now, let’s lobby for a Trader Joe’s.

  7. Very Happy about this news!! I used to drive to 125th street to shop there. Then I drove to Red Hook to shop there . Now I can walk!!!

  8. That’s the end of Food Emporium. The Kips Bay Fairway is only 42K sq ft. and it’s much more comprehensive in terms of selection than FE (cleaner and cheaper too)

  9. now all they need to do is put a trader joe’s where food emporium..

  10. The finance community is questioning whether Fairway’s rate of expansion is sustainable. Just sayin’

  11. Thrilled for the variety. Waiting for Trader Joe’s. But what about our Farmers Market?

  12. So excited for this! I was wondering why Fairway hasn’t come downtown. I’m OK with Food Emporium closing and becoming a Trader Joe’s. I don’t think this will affect the Farmer’s market – I go there every Saturday morning to buy all my produce because it is always cheaper and better than any grocery store (WH included) in the city.

  13. the food emporium has been a money loser for years. the only thing keeping them there is that the whole is tied up in the a&p bankcruptcy. don’t think it will matter much to them, if they open a fairway.

  14. Love Suzanne F’s always positive attitude.

  15. However, the finance community is in agreement that Suzanne F’s poor attitude and poor stock picks are sustainable. Goldman & Novogratz have both taken short positions on the stock (FWN -NASDAQ), just in case. Any profits will be donated to the purchase of Hamptons real estate and swanky new ba-boom speakers for the Hudson River Park neighborhoodlum concert series.

  16. Does anyone know when the food Emporiums lease is up?

  17. Well, Jane, let me check my files….I know they’re around here somewhere…

  18. Paper says it expects to open sometime in the fall of 2014. Hope that’s not too deflating.

  19. Beginning to think I am the only one in this city who doesn’t like Trader Joe’s