In the News: South Street Seaport Stonewalling

••• The Howard Hughes Corporation appears to be stonewalling the public on its plans for the South Street Seaport. —Downtown Express

••• Don’t forget about the runoff election for public advocate this Tuesday—and by the way, vote for Squadron. —Wall Street Journal

••• Broker Ryan Serhant has three stalkers, one of whom “blocked him from leaving” his Reade Street office. —New York Post

••• “Police, and not the owner of Zuccotti Park, made the call to evict Occupy Wall Street protesters nearly two years ago, a judge ruled this week. So a lawsuit against park owner Brookfield Office Properties by protesters, reporters, and at least one city councilman won’t move forward.” —New York

••• “Seaport’s towering Peking reopens for select Saturdays.” —Downtown Express

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  1. Re: waterfront – why is the EDC so tight lipped on the plans for redevelopment. Surely they can understand that they are only generating more frustration and concern by residents.

    Frankly I think it would make economic sense for Howard Hughes to pay homage to the long standing traditions of the seaport and fish market.

    Who elects or created the EDC? I assume they have to be a public entity – would be very interesting to hear their thoughts on the matter.

  2. The EDC? You must be kidding.

    I have dealt with trying to get information on Pier 17 from the EDC from 2004 till August 2013 and all you get is the runaround.

    In fact recently I asked the EDC to certify FOIL Documents that they themselves produced to me and 16 other tenants in our 2004 lawsuit against HHC (in day 45 of Supreme Court trial right now) and I was promptly confronted by the EDC In house Counsel (a nasty lady) who told me they would not certify their own documents on the demolition of the Pier.

    We are talking a KGB organization operating right here in NYC. Why don’t they just be honest and refer to themselves as EDC/HHC/KGP and be upfront about how they operate.

    The EDC has spent public funds overseeing (now the third version) of redevelopment for Pier 17. FIRST Cerq Du Soliel 2002-05 Second GGPs Hotel stuff 2005-2010 including GGP bankruptcy Third HHC hotel stuff , Currently in the woodchipper.

    Simply Seafood is one of our litigants and is a holdout in the Pier at the moment.

    Our case # is 707603/2004 if anybody from CB1 (another hollow, self seving organization) cases to read some real Rouse/GGP/HHC dirty laundry.

    EDC. Sink it along with Pier 17 when it goes.

  3. EDC, BPCA, HRPT lots of acronyms that translate to very little action by any of these government appointed groups to actually perform on behalf of the communities they are supposed to represent.