In the News: Baked Is Opening on Church Street

••• Red Hook bakery Baked—love its granola (available at Whole Foods) is opening at 279 Church, where Mulino a Vino was going to go. The folks at Baked told me a while ago about it, but I was waiting for the green light—and then the broker went and blabbed to DNAinfo. By the way, that’s also the building where Lyons Den Power Yoga will be.

••• “Police in New York City are investigating an unusual incident that unfolded in the early morning hours on Monday: Two men, dressed in black outfits and wearing helmets, were captured on surveillance video walking near the Goldman Sachs building in Lower Manhattan after apparently parachuting down to the street. The odd occurrence was announced by New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly at an unrelated news conference. The Commissioner sounded more bemused than alarmed by the caper, saying it did not appear to pose a threat or have a political bend.” Or bent? —Wall Street Journal

••• “Police nabbed a man Downtown Friday night after witnesses spotted him toting around a giant sheathed sword.” It was by the World Trade Center. —DNAinfo

••• New York magazine reviews Khe-Yo.



  1. Bet it was a base-jump from the Freedom Tower. Raise a glass to Phillipe Petit

  2. On Saturday I saw a guy sitting in one of those chairs on the East side of City Hall in the plaza near the steps to the 4/5/6. Poking out of his green army jacket was a handle to what looked like the same kind of samurai sword. Same problem different guy?