Pilates Studio to Open on Duane

I recently wondered aloud what was happening in the former RH Gallery space at 137 Duane, and a reader came through with a tip: Pilates guru Karen Lord is opening a studio there—it’ll be called Karen Lord Pilates Movement. She graciously agreed to answer some questions by email. (Portrait by James Mooney.)

1. Is the Tribeca studio in addition to your Meatpacking one?
I have closed my beloved Meatpacking studio and we are expanding to Tribeca exclusively. The MTPKG space was wonderful and very private, mainly word of mouth, no signage—something of a secret, but demand for sessions kept growing and there was just one me, and putting people on a “waiting list” never felt right. I wanted to reach and interact with more people. Now we can accommodate everyone and expand in an exciting way, changing the business into a fitness Movement, but holding true to my starting formula of private sessions being tremendously important and Pilates being a foundation to great happiness (and an amazing body), we can reach more people while still maintaining a personal relationship with clients. It was just time.

2. How big will it be?
We’re pretty good size for a Manhattan Pilates studio, I’d say. I wanted to offer bigger reformer classes than what I was finding downtown. I’m basically creating the space I want to workout in—a sense of community and compassion lots of class options, with private sessions anytime, basically. It will be a studio that’s big enough for everyone.

3. Why Tribeca?
Tribeca is a neighborhood near and dear to my heart. I have deep roots and great friends here. I love that it is still very much a community, I love the open streets and the calm. People here are real, kind, creative, driven New Yorkers—like minds. When I saw the space it felt perfect and we’ve made fast friends with neighbors already, confirming my gut instinct that it’s exactly right. On top of that, Tribeca residents are very health- and fitness-minded, and it’s an easy-to-reach location for my clients coming in from other parts of the city.

4. Any idea when it might open?
We’re working hard to open very soon! Fall, for sure. We’re really excited!

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