In the News: More on the Alleged Predator

••• “A man arrested last Friday at the Battery Park City ball fields has been charged by the office of the Manhattan District Attorney with criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, a class-A misdemeanor, and five counts of endangering the welfare of a child, also a class-A misdemeanor. The weapons charge appears to refer either to a hammer that Mr. Pettersen had concealed in a bag at the time of his arrest, or to a rock that he had in his pocket. […] The endangerment charges refer to five boys, aged ten to 12 years old, that Mr. Pettersen is alleged to have tried to lure away from the field on Friday, September 27.” —Broadsheet (which doesn’t give the guy’s first name)

••• UPDATE: TribecaMom pointed out in a comment that this part of the Broadsheet’s article (I didn’t get that far): “An earlier version of this story that appeared in the BroadsheetDaily on September 30 quoted police sources as saying that the parents of the children approached by Mr. Pettersen were unwilling to file a complaint. While this passage accurately reflected what police sources told the Broadsheet, it did not convey that the parents cooperated fully in the investigation. The Broadsheet regrets any misunderstanding.”

••• “For the first time in five years, pedestrians have their crosswalk back at Vesey and West Streets. The crosswalk, on the north side of Vesey Street and adjacent to the World Trade Center site, opened Wednesday afternoon with six [!!!] crossing guards and a traffic agent assigned to the busy highway crossing.” —Tribeca Trib

••• A reader emailed to point out that Le Restaurant was granted a star by Michelin.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy parses a $1,994-per-square-foot sale at 55 White.

••• Photos of American Cut. —Eater (photo by Bess Adler)

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