Where in Tribeca…? Special Edition!

Here’s one for the barflies: Which establishments use the following coasters? The first one and the third one incorporate artwork by Donald Sultan; the second one is by an artist whose name provides too big a clue to mention. Also, the third one has been modified to hide the business’s name.

coaster1coaster2coaster3 editedUpdate: Congratulations to Robert Ripps and Jim Smithers for correctly identifying two of them: Edward’s (smoke ring) and Le Restaurant/All Good Things (the pig). As for the one with the figurative painting, Smithers was very close….

Greenwich Hotel coaster



  1. Can we get partial credit? I think #3 is Edwards?

  2. Le Restaurant and Tribeca Grill?

  3. @Robert: Yes. @Smithers: Yes and no.

  4. Locanda Verde then

  5. No? Boo to me.