Seen & Heard: Day Spa or Pediatrician?

78 Laight chandelier••• What’s happening at the storefront at the Pearline Soap Factory (414 Washington/78 Laight)? The windows are frosted up to a point, but they’re going to have to paper the windows higher if they want to stop the likes of me from looking in. I saw a waiting area with reception desk (with magazines on the shelves), under crystalish chandeliers. So, day spa? Ob/gyn? But then there are paint squiggles along the ceiling in another room that made me think it could be a pediatrician? I know someone out there knows….

••• Can’t remember if we’d seen an unveiled 449 Washington before.

••• That “wanted” poster was a prank, which leaves me fairly disappointed.

••• Thanks to everyone who sent me the Odeon’s email about the criminal summons court. Here it is (well, part of it—the rest is already in comments on this post):

Dear Friends and Friends of The Odeon: Most of you do not live or work in Tribeca but maybe you know someone who does. We need your help. Please read the enclosed information sheet regarding a proposed move of The Criminal Summons Court to 71 Thomas (opposite The Odeon restaurant.)  It is crucial we have massive support to defeat this plan.  I’m emailing you in the hopes you will in turn email anyone you know who lives or works in Tribeca…also to friends who love The Odeon and other restaurants and small businesses in the area. We need everyone, city wide, to help us. If at all possible we would be extremely grateful if you have time to show your support at The Community Board One Meeting on Thursday, October 22 at 6pm, WTC aka/150 Greenwich Street. If not, just mailing this on to your friends would be an enormous help. Thank you in advance! With warm regards, Lynn Wagenknecht, The Odeon

••• The new-build Hotel Soho (or Hotel “Soho”?) at 525 Greenwich is very gold! This photo was taken around 11:30 a.m., so it’s not the western light that’s responsible.


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  1. Someone mentioned to me they saw dentist chairs being delivered Perline Soap Factory.