In the News: Trouble at Biscuits & Bath

••• Carolyn and Del Bryant are rightfully upset that their Yorkshire terrier, Peanut, “was found strangled on Sunday morning, hanging from a choke collar and leash in the back of a van operated by” Biscuits & Bath on Hudson. “All the dogs [in the van] are in double choke collars, a security precaution, the company says on its Web site.” —New York Times

••• “The new Taymour Grahne Gallery in Tribeca couldn’t wish for a more auspicious kickoff than its excellent inaugural show of new paintings and drawings by Nicky Nodjoumi.” —New York Times

••• “Chinese conglomerate Fosun International Ltd. will buy office building One Chase Manhattan Plaza for $725 million.” —Wall Street Journal

••• New, not-too-illuminating renderings of Pier 17, or P17r, as it’s going to be marketed. (I don’t know.) Of note: “Inside the pier, there will be Platform 17, a venue that can be used for special events like fashion shows, concerts, or galas. It can also accommodate a 500-person seated dinner.” Also: “the Howard Hughes Corporation agreed to support, in some unspecified way, the beleaguered South Street Seaport Museum, but, unfortunately, no one would elaborate on this.” It doesn’t count till the check clears. —Curbed

Pier 17 roof rendering courtesy Curbed

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  1. My heart breaks for the Bryant family. I wish I could say that this was the first horror story I’ve heard about B&B Tribeca, but I cannot. In fact, I also had a terrible experience and have wondered how they’ve managed to pull the wool over so many for so long. They do have very kind people working there, but they are all ultimately at the behest of management, whose desire for $$$ has led to flagrant negligence and poor judgment when it comes to the animals in their care is appalling. There are not enough “Fun Day Photos” in the world to make up for it.

  2. This is horrifying, I feel for Peanut’s family.. This could have been my dogs. B&B just told us last week that they had to transport my dogs to the west 13th location due to some technical issues at Tribeca spot. We thankfully canceled our appointment at the time and made another appointment since then (before I read this news) but I’m not sure if I ever want to go back now.

    Can someone recommend me a place to go for grooming? I honestly don’t like most grooming places since my dogs hate going there and we had experiences with them coming back with blood on them. (Scratches and cuts but still…)

  3. Wagging Tail in Tribeca (have groomers too)- they have never killed a dog – and their employees don’t rape each other either.

  4. Biscuits and Bath is a very dangerous place. Many people don’t know this. I have heard too many reports that dogs came home with stitches after their first visit.

    Apparently, some dogs have been going to Biscuits and Bath for a long time that are territorial. Dogs are pack animals; it is a stratified order, and the alpha dogs try to assert themselves.

    After my dog’s first (and only visit, needless to say), I was alarmed when he curled up nervously on the bench next to me in the lobby. I said: “What happened to my dog?” He had long red streaks around his neck that scabbed up within the next few days. The Management was awful in this matter. This is a place to avoid at all costs!