In the News: Tribeca Canvas Reopens Tomorrow

••• The new incarnation of Tribeca Canvas won’t be called Canvas, as previously announced, but Bisutoro—which means “do-over” in Japanese—and it opens Monday: “Gone are the rock-shrimp nachos and menu of gonzo finger food, which have been ditched in favor of takes on standards like baked oysters with yuzu, steak frites with togarashi butter, and carbonara made with uni and quail eggs.” I was kidding about “do-over.” —Grub Street

••• “The folks who just sold the ‘2,862 sq ft’ 2nd floor at 168 Duane Street (in such prime Tribeca that it overlooks Duane Park) for $4.4mm just bought the ‘2,500 sq ft’ 3rd floor at 112 Prince Street in prime Soho for $4.4mm [….] This is one of those things that make me go hmmm … as it seems like such a straight-up trade, even dollar-for-dollar.” Manhattan Loft Guy investigates.

••• Downtown Lunch was “seduced by a spinning cylinder of meat” at the Hummus & Pita Co. on Chambers—specifically, the huge laffa sandwich.

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  1. It’s good they’re keeping the “carbonara” (as I recall, it was in quotes when I had it)–it was excellent.

  2. Walked by the place yesterday and it looks amazing.. Hoping the food is fantastic like last time.. Can’t wait for the opening of Bisutoro!