Seen & Heard: Holiday Pop-Up Opening Soon

••• I came across this wine while shopping at Tribeca Wine Merchants yesterday—the back of the label says the Oregon wine is bottled exclusively for Tribeca Wine Merchants and Bouley.

••• Know the empty storefront between Edward’s and American Apparel? Tribeca-based designer Robin Brouillette is opening a holiday pop-up shop there early next week—with women’s fashion, home decor, and much more. More details when it’s open, of course; in the meantime, sharpen those credit cards.

••• The Seaport’s Suteishi at Front Street and Peck Slip has finally reopened. Update: See Luis’s comment for a full rundown of Seaport businesses’ statuses.

••• Twice this week I saw an adorable New York moment: a kid, maybe six years old, playing a catch at 7 a.m. with 89 Murray’s doorman.

••• I always find Blue Spoon‘s question-of-the-day polls (with one tip jar for “yes” and one for “no”) to be entertaining, and the other day I asked if they aggregate the results somewhere. Sure enough, the website has a rundown—well, up to Sept. 12, 2012.

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  1. Had dinner at Suteishi last night with some neighbors! It was packed! Great meal and great to have them back. Also, Keg 229 has also reopened joining Bin 220, Barbalu, Fishmarket, Fresh Salt and Paris Cafe. Coming soon is Il Brigante, Jack’s Coffee, Nelson Blue, Bridge Cafe and the new V-Bar!

  2. I love that you noticed our doorman at 89 Murray & the little kid outside! Puts a smile on my face every day when I leave for work and it’s still dark out…