Pop-Up: Robin Brouillette + Tribeca Collective

Robin Brouillette racks“There might as well be an electric fence at Canal Street, because Tribeca women don’t go above it,” says fashion designer Robin Brouillette (herself a Tribecan). “So I wanted to create a store that we’d love.” The result is Robin Brouillette + Tribeca Collective, a pop-up in the W. Broadway space between Edward’s and American Apparel. It’s sort of a miniature Barneys, where Brouillette has curated brands names in a variety of categories—women’s fashion and accessories, jewelry, home decor, beauty, and dogwear. Notably, all 32 designers are women. You’ll find clothing by Tess Giberson, Harvey Faircloth, and Araks; M.Patmos cashmere; Ten lingerie (which comes in air-mail envelopes); From the Road pillows and throws; Jess Brown skin care and dolls; jewlery by Jill Platner and Rosa Maria; kids’ clothing by Milo, Acme, and Lucky Fish; Ware of the Dog jackets, collars, and leashes; and more.

Robin Brouillette + Tribeca Collective is at 138 W. Broadway (between Thomas and Duane), 212-233-8078.

Robin Brouillette windowRobin Brouillette snake cuff Robin Brouillette throw Robin Brouillette sweaters Robin Brouillette scarves Robin Brouillette mun Robin Brouillette leather Robin Brouillette kidswear Robin Brouillette Jess brown doll Robin Brouillette Tess Giberson sweater Robin Brouillette rings Robin Brouillette pendant Robin Brouillette Harvey Faircloth Robin Brouillette striped shirts Robin Brouillette Ten panties Robin Brouillette room Robin Brouillette petwear Robin Brouillette cat pillowRobin Brouillette holiday cards

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  1. Hmmm…so electric fences would work?

  2. I fear that Robin really doesn’t get it. Her boutique collective (hilarious) has way too much light and way too much empty space. She really needs to take a field trip to the sister stores of the J Crew Liquor Store and Food Emporium – these are classic examples of the “Hoarder Look” that is the “New Retail.” You need to pack your space with as much product and fixtures as you possibly can while leaving very little to no room for customers to maneuver or light to see what they’re looking at. I hope her learning curve is not too steep. I hope, because where else will I get my creepy cat head pillows? Or maybe it’s just for Halloween?

  3. Welcome Robin! We are so happy to have you in the hood. Will definately walk over with my crew to have a look-see. What great space and tribeca surely needs something for us shop-deprived locals!

  4. Alycea! Thank you for stopping in today! Great meeting you and thank you for the neighborhood support! Xx

  5. Can’t wait to check it out. All my favorite ladies, close to my heart, now closer to my home!!!! Thanks for doing this.