In the News: Tartinery at Brookfield Place

••• Well + Good profiles “Taryn Toomey and her new fitness method called ‘the class,’ an in-the-know Tribeca workout that’s a white-hot ticket among fit New Yorkers who want a dose of athletic vigor with their yoga philosophy.” (Apologies to D., who emailed me about “the class” last month; I should’ve listened to you!)

••• “BPCA Plans to Spend $1.5 Million Fixing Leaky Pipes in Asphalt Green.” —Broadsheet

••• “Banksy took a swipe at the New York Times today for denying him a spot on the newspaper’s coveted op-ed page, where he was planning to trash the new World Trade Center tower. […] Banksy’s web site features a picture of the wall with a caption: ‘They declined to publish what I supplied. Which was this…’ What follows is a scathing One World Trade Center critique—written in the Times’ distinctive font—that mocks the tower as a ‘disaster,’ a confidence-lacking ‘shyscraper,’ that ‘looks like something they would build in Canada.’ ‘It reminds you of a really tall kid at a party, awkwardly shifting his shoulders trying not to stand out from the crowd,’ the rejected opinion piece said.” Sounds like the Times made the right call. —New York Post

••• “Tartinery, a modern French bistro created by Nicolas Dutko, Alicia Rountree and Patrick Derderian”—there’s one in Nolita—”will be opening at Brookfield Place when the space formerly known as the World Financial Center opens next year.” The New York Post goes on to call it “fast-casual,” so maybe bistro isn’t the right word…?

courtesy Tartinery

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  1. That’s ironic because I thought that the whole lengthy design process behind 1 WTC was to ensure it looked like a big middle finger directed at Banksy?

  2. Banksy’s right – WTC 1 is a pedestrian embarrassment, a syringe — but if he thought a publication with as deep ties to real estate as the NYTimes would ever publish anything negative about development, he was nuts.

  3. Re: leaky pipes at Asphalt Green-shouldn’t the contractors be responsible for the leaky pipes? 1.5 million dollars from the BPCA??? How about the BPCA use that money to build/create a new school? Better yet, why did the BPCA bother with Asphalt Green in the first place? IMO, the space should have been designated as school space.