In the News: FiDi Probation Office

••• The New York Post covers the city’s misguided plan to move a probation office from 346 Broadway to 66 John, a.k.a. “Stroller Alley.” (“A deputy mayor set off the ‘Not In My Backyard’ firestorm last month when he [said at a CB1 committee meeting] that a low-level arraignment court’s move to the area was not a cause for concern because the real criminals would be moved to the John Street building.” That quote really is one for the ages.) Two things: 1) It’s about time a city newspaper realized this is a story. 2) “A city official will be attending the Nov. 6 community board meeting to answer residents’ questions.” I assume that’s the CB1 FiDi Committee; stay tuned for when the agendas come out, which should be any moment now.

••• The New York Times put two Seaport businesses—Pasanella & Son and Meade’s—on its front page, as part of an article about how some folks are “Turning Hurricane Sandy’s Scars Into Badges of Survival.” It makes you realize how little coverage the paper has given the struggling area.

••• “90 Franklin Street loft beats upstairs neighbor by 22% only 14 months later.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• The New York Post gets the scoop on the conversion plans for art deco masterpiece 70 Pine. “Up to 15,500 square feet of the 66-story landmark tower’s 35,000 square feet of retail space will be available for the nobly proportioned, high-ceilinged restaurant space with tall windows, once longtime tenant Captain’s Ketch moves out next year. [Developer Adam R.] Rose ‘has no idea’ yet what the rent will be, but said his company would make a significant buildout contribution. ‘It’s not about the dollar, but the quality of the operator,’ he said.” LOL, but we can dream. The Post, while rightfully bitching about the lack of good food in FiDi, makes no mention of Keith McNally’s rumored plans for 5 Beekman, which would surely be as much of a game-changer as whatever happens at 70 Pine. Also: “Soon, the long-forbidden lobby will be open to all through entrances on Pine, Cedar and Pearl streets, and also likely include a patisserie, a ‘grab-and-go’ snack spot and possibly a clothing store.” Financier, 7-Eleven, Strawberry…. And this: “Ultra high-end fitness/spa/’wellness’ club La Palestra has a deal to operate a two-level facility on the lower lobby and basement levels.”

••• A New York Times article about how Lou Reed engaged with chefs includes David Bouley.

••• New York magazine says “bi-level barbecue joint” Route 66 Smokehouse opens this week at 79 Pearl (near Coenties Alley). “On executive chef and Blue Smoke alum Billy Kooper’s menu: pimento cheese, Alaskan salmon, deviled eggs, oyster po’boys, fried quail and waffles, pit-smoked pulled pork, and shrimp and Anson Mills grits. And, damn straight, there’s a kale salad.”

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