In the News: Two New Landmarks

••• The Landmarks Preservation Commission “awarded landmark status Tuesday to two cast-iron buildings in Tribeca at 39 and 41 Worth St. [….] Both 19th-century Tribeca buildings were designed by Isaac Duckwoth, an architect whose other buildings are part of historic districts in Soho and Tribeca. The five-story buildings’ cast-iron facades were created by Daniel Badger, a manufacturer who popularized cast-iron fronts and made the city the center of cast-iron architecture, according to the LPC.” —DNAinfo

••• There’s a Tribeca magazine? Do other people get this mailed to them and I don’t because I’m on the fringe? (The magazine snob in me is counting my blessings.) Or maybe it doesn’t exist yet. The “Issue 50” doesn’t necessarily mean anything—it looks like one of those magazines where the content is the same as in all the sister magazines (which explains the bucolic cover, if not the capitalized R in “TRiBeCa”).

••• “The NYPD and the Port Authority have squared off again over the amount of policing required at the redeveloped World Trade Center site and 9/11 memorial [….] The Port Authority has argued in meetings with the NYPD for a reduced police footprint, perhaps relying more on civilian employees of the PA or outside contractors to help screen visitors and delivery trucks to the site as opposed to police officers. Those suggestions, however, have been brushed aside by the NYPD’s ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, sources said.” —DNAinfo

••• “Tribeca’s Synagogue for the Arts, which is an architectural masterwork itself, is hosting a new exhibit in its downstairs gallery space, featuring work by Yona Verwer, a Dutch-born, New York-based artist and Heather Stoltz, also a New York artist. Each looks to the topic of vulnerability in New York City.” —The Jewish Week

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  1. your hunch about the magazine seems correct..seems kinda ‘generic’ and nothing really ‘tribeca specific’ inside

  2. 39-41 Worth Street: a wonderful victory!

    TRiBeCa Magazine: it hasn’t come to my door, either. Hope it’s less about “lifestyle” and more about life.

  3. Gets left at our building. It is exactly what you said– no local content or stories of any interest– complete waste of paper.