Seen & Heard: “Talking Transition” at Canal and Varick

281 Broadway••• There’s a funky buildout happening in the small storefront at 281 Broadway (two doors up from Chipotle). No word yet on what’s going in….

••• The winners of Soho Photo‘s 2013 Alternative Processes Competition will be on view Nov. 6-30. Right: “Centipede,” a platinum/palladium print on Japanese handmade paper by Gary Geboy.

••• Anon commented about the Lent Space construction work: “The Trinity site in Hudson Square is 76-78 Varick. The DOB website has a permit with a job description of: INSTALLATION OF TEMPORARY TENTS, PLATFORMS AND TRUSSING FOR THE EVENT KNOWN AS TALKING TRANSITION, LOCATED AT THE VACANT LOT OF 76 VARICK STREET, SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 6TH 2013. A TEMPORARY PLACE OF ASSEMBLY PERMIT IS REQUIRED. ALL PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT SHALL BE REMOVED UPON COMPLETION. [The DOB site uses caps. —Ed.] The only thing I could find on ‘Talking Transition’ is this, which might not be relevant.” I contacted a Hudson Square rep, who directed me to Trinity Real Estate. Waiting to hear back, but not very hopeful.

••• Anyone know what’s going on at 172 Duane (where Damon Dash’s business venture was)? Looks like a gallery; the figure in the distance is either a sculpture or totally entranced by that painting.

172 Duane

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  1. I asked a construction worker at the Varick site what was going on. He said it was something for “That guy running for mayor, Di Blasio.”

  2. This is at least a $250,000.00 project just for the construct. No mayoral candidate is spending that type of money. Everyone on site is sworn to secrecy. Come on someone should know!

  3. We have been watching it go up and have been dying of curiosity. Work starts late and goes late– much overtime. I am hoping for something wonderful but dreading the worst.