Is Tribeca Getting a Mexican Restaurant?

courtesy Anejo4The Community Board 1 agendas for November just came out—I’ll post them in a bit—and one item coming before the Tribeca Committee leaps out:

31 Walker Street, application for a liquor license for Anejo – Resolution

That’s the storefront at the southeast corner of Church, where Bread Tribeca was.

A few assumptions:

1) It’s Añejo—”aged” in Spanish, an adjective with a specific meaning vis-à-vis tequila (“aged a minimum of one year, but less than three years in small oak barrels,” says Wikipedia).

2) It’s a branch of Añejo Tequileria, the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant helmed by Angelo Sosa, who has worked with Jean-Georges Vongerichten and appeared on “Top Chef.” (Funnily enough, I spotted a man who looks a lot like him, wearing chef’s whites, at the corner of W. Broadway and Duane this afternoon. I noticed him because I couldn’t figure out where he would be working.) I called Añejo and the hostess said she’d pass along the message. I could be wrong—it happens!—but if the new restaurant isn’t related to the Hell’s Kitchen one, then the folks behind it would have had to have done no due diligence. UPDATE: Charlie from Añejo called to confirm it’s them. He said the place might be a bit more upscale than the Añejo uptown, but not fundamentally different.

And now, some mouthwatering pictures from the Añejo in Hell’s Kitchen.

courtesy Anejo courtesy Anejo2 courtesy Anejo3 courtesy Anejo5

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  1. I think moderately high end Mexican could do very well in that space.

  2. Sheesh. The “community” fights having a restaurant by one of the TRUE top chefs in the world (Enrique Olvera) yet embraces a “moderately high end Mexican” place that is basically a bar? What do you think “tequileria” means, folks?

  3. Anejo is wonderful and one of my favorite mexican spots in the city. Very exciting one is coming to Tribeca!

  4. Waiting for Smithers…

  5. @STH – What exactly are you waiting on?

  6. @Smithers and buy us a round?

  7. Was actually waiting for Smithers to comment on @SF’s latest restaurant critique. For the record, I <3 tequila!

  8. Erik is the one with all of the tequila money. Have you seen all of the ads on this site? He’s got to be rolling in Matt Bernson pumps and Bronsky orthodontic devices. I usually only trust a restaurant review from F. Suzanne after she has had at least a shot or three.

  9. Yes, the higher end Mexican we can get the better. The food needs to beat or equal the atmosphere (that’s a call out to La Esquina).