Seen & Heard: Jenga Fever on Warren

••• One of those new DOB-regulation signs appeared on 12-14 Warren—the old Nikon Envelope building between Broadway and Church—and while the rendering is far from complete, it looks like developer DDG has caught Jenga fever from 56 Leonard. Check out those protuberances! Last we heard, there would be just 13 units on 12 stories. (By the way the boast that DDG “helped reinvent” the block due to its building at 24-26 Warren is a bit rich.) We’ll have to wait to see if the façade is all glass, along the lines of DDG’s controversial plan for 100 Franklin, which is heading toward a CB1 reprise on Nov. 7.

••• Lyons Den Power Yoga will open at 279 Church on Nov. 8.

••• Press release: “Council Member Margaret Chin and Council Member Peter Vallone introduced new legislation in the New York City Council [… that creates] a category of ‘public nuisance’ for the storage, distribution, and production of counterfeit goods within a location, streamlining the process with which the city can target and dismantle counterfeiting operations.”

••• “Can you shed any light on the Banksyesque mural which appeared on the Syms building on Greenwich street at 4am on October 31?” emailed S. “Last night, 3LD added a projected cloud with rain showering down on the man. Curious if you know more.” Afraid I don’t. Anyone out there know what’s up? (What the photo doesn’t clearly show is that the red line is cutting off the man’s head.)

fake Banksy on Greenwich

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  1. It wasn’t posted on Banksy’s website

  2. That last picture is not an original banksy

  3. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, communist ideology was finally kicked into the dustbin of history. If only modernist architecture would have its Berlin Wall so that the world would finally realize what a disaster this kind of architecture is for cities, for people, for life.

  4. I guess China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam didn’t get the “communist dustbin” memo.