In the News: Sinkholes in Battery Park City

••• I was having coffee with Danielle of the new blog SohoStrut yesterday when she said she thought Café Noir had closed. Sure enough, Eater reported that it had, and that Georges “Cercle Rouge” Forgeois’s upcoming restaurant and bar with rooftop seating at 35 Lispenard will be called Café Noir. “The new place will be ‘a more polished version of the original,’ with […] a kind of French tapas that Forgeois calls ‘Gastro Bites.'”

••• The Broadsheet keeps dribbling out news from  the Oct. 22 meeting of the Battery Park City Authority board. Today’s email featured this news about sinkholes: “The BPCA is looking for a solution to a problem that landfill sites typically experience in a few decades after newly created acreage is topped off and occupied: In a few areas, the surface of the ground is beginning to descend ever so slightly from its original elevation.” (Also, the Broadsheet has been running ads for Blue Planet Pizza Grill—so I guess Blue Planet Grill got a pizza oven? The pizza pictured looks good. Has anyone tried it?)

••• “Antonio ‘Nino’ Vendome, chairman of Vendome Group, has announced the simultaneous opening of two new art galleries in West Soho’s Hudson Square district.” Pick one name or the other…. “The first gallery, Studio Vendome, is located in American architect Philip Johnson’s Urban Glass House at 330 Spring Street. The second gallery, Studio Vendome Projects, is located at 30 Grand Street, across from The James hotel.” From what I can tell, Vendome was the developer (or involved in the developing of) the Urban Glass House; he also had a restaurant, Nino’s, on Canal. —Commercial Observer

••• This is going to be murder on my Google news alert and my Twitter feed: “TBS has ordered a pilot for ‘Tribeca,’ a satirical police comedy from Steve and Nancy Carell [that] offers a satirical look at a police procedural. Anchored by Angie Tribeca, a 10-year vet of LAPD’s elite RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit), the single-cam comedy explores and eccentric but brilliant group of people who investigate crime, reveal way too much personal information, and refuse to refuse to rest until justice has been served…sort of.” —Variety

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  1. Why does the Broadsheet report “news” on November 6th about a meeting that took place on October 22nd? They have a daily email blast, so I am not sure why their info isn’t more timely.

  2. Re the Blue Planet pizza:

    We recently spent a week in Naples eating mostly pizza and this does look like the real thing and it’s really good pizza. The crust is not quite Neapolitan; it’s too soft and doesn’t have that little bit of chewiness but they get the char right.

    I really want to like Blue Planet because I had a memorable piece of fish there when it was BP 3.0 (I think the pizza incarnation is 4.0) and we enjoyed the food when it was 1.0. but the seating is strange and now they’ve got this big dude in black who blocks the doorway (trying to scare away the tourists?).