Seen & Heard: The Talking Transition Tent

37 Warren••• Nice to have 37 Warren back out from under the scaffolding! A worker said it was only two years, but it felt like longer. The topper is actually sort of bronze-ish.

••• Is Underground the (new?) name of Macao Trading Co.’s downstairs space? I’ve never seen this sign before. It was on the door just to the north of Macao’s entrance.

••• This probably happened a while ago, but Mangez Avec Moi Express has changed its name to Banh Mi—there’s a sign above the door.

••• Reports of Gold N Diamond’s death appear to have been exaggerated.

••• I walked by the Talking Transition tent last night—it’s quite the production. There’s more on it in this New York magazine article: It “bills itself as a two-week effort, beginning November 6, to ‘open … what is usually an insular, closed-door process between Election Day and Inauguration into an opportunity for broad public engagement.’ Its backers include nine community groups and foundations, and George Soros. […] De Blasio’s campaign has no official role in Talking Transition. But with a friendly billionaire financier staging a splashy event boosting De Blasio’s themes under the guise of a worthy-sounding cause, perhaps some things won’t be changing too much after all.”

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  1. The sign by Macao Trading Co looks like the sign for Employees Only (restaurant on Hudson St). Maybe they are opening an outpost in TriBeCa?

  2. @TriBeCa Resident: Macao is actually a sister of Employees Only…. My guess is they’re making an effort at branding the downstairs into its own space.


  4. @Bruce: It’s at CANAL and VARICK and YOU CAN’T MISS IT. You could also try GOOGLING “Talking Transition.” DUH!