In the News: Broadway Landmark Revived

••• Still more residential action on Broadway:  The Real Deal says that the formerly Tilting Tower of Tribeca (287 Broadway, at Reade) has been bought by United American Land and it “has been structurally stabilized and is now undergoing a multi-million renovation to create retail on the ground floor and high-end residential rental lofts above.” Does anyone know why 57 Reade (next door) left those two floors of cinder block along 287 Broadway’s roof? Couldn’t they have put in glass over the brick, just so it was less noticeable?

••• “Did you know there is a culture in Japan where you go to a cafe and are served by a woman dressed as a maid? Well, this exists, and apparently we have one of these eateries called Maid Cafe NY downtown on Centre St. (at Walker).” —Downtown Lunch

••• Manhattan Loft Guy on a sale at 38 Warren.

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  1. What happened to the residents who were kicked out of 287 Broadway when it began to lean? I doubt the renovated lofts are meant for them

  2. Its such a gorgeous building im glad its finally going to be cleaned up and used.