Bikram Yoga Is Coming to Broadway

404-406 BroadwayBIkram Yoga Soho signI was taking a walk yesterday afternoon up Broadway, when I realized I should check out 404-406 Broadway, which the month’s Community Board 1 agendas said would be the site of a “physical culture establishment” (i.e., a fitness studio). If a business wants to have showers, it needs a permit—the rule dates from bathhouse days. Anyway! There already is a fitness business in the building: Jump Life, where people burn calories by bouncing on trampolines. But a sign above the door touted Bikram Yoga Soho. Bikram Yoga take place in a 105-degree room, in case you didn’t know.

Last night, at the CB1 Tribeca meeting, I had the good fortune of sitting next to Bikram Yoga Soho’s lovely founders, Susan Goldstein and Monique Crous, who said that the studio—on the third floor of the building—would officially open very soon, but the exact date depends on one or two remaining permits. In the meantime, there will be an open house on Nov. 23. It won’t involve any classes; it’s more of a chance to meet them and see what they’re up to. Check the website before you set off on Nov. 23, just in case.

There had also been talk of Bikram Yoga NYC—which is different—opening at Staple and Jay. No word yet on whether that’s a go.

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  1. The owners of this studio are wonderful people and awesome Bikram instructors. I think this studio is going to do really well!

  2. In other news: if you’re a parent with a double-wide stroller, well, then, you’re an idiot.