Seen & Heard: Progress at 71 Reade

••• The new building going up at 71 Reade—it goes through to Chambers—appears about to start rising fast. The foundation work is done and they’re at street level. Above: A rendering of the Reade façade.

••• Is anyone going to the CB1 Seaport/Civic Center Committee meeting on Tuesday? I can’t make it and I’ll be dying to know any details about restaurants coming to 5 Beekman. (The meeting is at the Community Room at 90 Beekman in Southbridge Towers.)

••• Still no guesses for this week’s Where in Tribeca…? Come on, people!

••• A bonus “In the News” item: Writer Pete Hamill, who lives in Tribeca, tells the New York Times how he spends his Sundays.


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  1. Erik, I will try to make it and I’ll let you know what transpires. :-)