Seen & Heard: World Trade Center Construction Photos

••• From Nicole Vianna: “In the ground floor gallery at BMCC’s Fiterman Hall there’s an exhibit of photography by Silverstein Properties’ lead photographer that contains a number of large format prints that are spectacular as well as other interesting photographs including the glacially carved bedrock they found at the corner of the site where 4 WTC now stands. It’s definitely worth a look.”

••• In case you didn’t read the Real Estate Sales Report, there was something in it besides the usual: 108 Chambers, home to City Hall Wine & Spirits—the fuss-free liquor store with the great old storefront—and Imperial Coffee House—has been sold. We should worry about them: The likelihood is that they, and possibly the adjacent hardware store on Church, are being combined and developed.

••• A resident of IPN sent over a letter they all received that neither of us can heads or tales of. But we both found it amusing that the landlord’s address is listed as “C/O S & M Realty Processing Corp.”

••• Art Projects International, the gallery at Greenwich and Vestry, is expanding: “The exhibition ’20 Years: Art Projects International’ celebrating the gallery’s 20-year anniversary will open on December 10 at its gallery space and a newly added adjacent space. In 2014, the spaces will be combined to create a single expanded gallery space.” I’m guessing the adjacent space is on Vestry…? UPDATE: Nope, it’s the adjacent space on Greenwich.

courtesy Julian Lorber••• Press release: “Artists Julian Lorber and Ashley Zelinskie will present examples of recent projects in a pop-up exhibit in Tribeca” at 89 Franklin. “Julian Lorber from his ‘Externalities’ [that’s one of his at left] and Ashley Zelinskie from her ‘Reverse Abstraction.’ It opens Nov. 30 and seems to run through Dec. 1.

••• From Lindsay Tarquinio, a private chef who lives in Tribeca: “My husband and I started LUO, a non-profit organization providing education, nutrition, medical care and school scholarships to 200 children in South Africa. We are hosting a fundraiser at 75 Murray on December 5. It is a four-course South African meal with South African wine pairings and a chance to learn more about what we do. Tickets are $50. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to build additional classrooms and space for a computer lab. We’d love to have people from the neighborhood join us!” Details are at

••• @AndreasAresti tweeted about a Gypsy Sport sample sale on Dec. 10 at 50 White. Gypsy Sport is “a streetwear brand inspired by religions and traditions of the world.” But then someone else tweeted about a Nicopanda (which must be Nicola Formichetti–related) sample sale on the day say at the same place. Update: It’s a Nicopanda sale but Gypsy Sport will be there, too.

Gypsy Sport

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