In the News: Final Piece of 1WTC’s Spire to Go Up Tomorrow

••• “Colliers International has been tapped to market three separate properties in Tribeca at 377 Broadway, 249 Church Street and 108 Chambers Street. Each property has separate, private ownership.” Colliers’s involvement isn’t interesting, and 377 Broadway (World Journal bookstore) and 249 Church (former home of Village Light Opera Group) are no surprise—the former has “for lease” signs, while the latter has been vacant for a while. But: “The property at 108 Chambers Street, a one-story retail building, is a development site which includes 2,000 square feet of existing retail and up to 14,000 square feet of buildable space. ‘Combined with contiguous properties that could be a much larger development.’ ” Both City Hall Wines & Spirits and Imperial Coffee House are at 108 Chambers. So the “contiguous properties” must mean the Patriot? And the several empty storefronts (or even buildings) on Chambers to the west? Or the hardware store to the south, on Church? —Commercial Observer

••• According to @Breaking911, there was a fire today at Tribeca Blu hotel and Canal and Broadway.

••• “Axl Rose […] who previously rented a place in Tribeca”—he did?!—”is thinking of buying a home in Manhattan, according to an insider who says Rose “likes the people here” and has been looking at downtown pads.” —New York Post

••• Bikini Bar will now reopen June 22 (instead of June 24). —Sprudge

••• “95 Franklin Street loft sells with new space (not just newly renovated space)” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• This doesn’t properly belong in an In the News roundup, but time is of the essence: Reader Dave says that “I just walked by [1WTC] and heard construction workers say that [the last piece of the spire] will go up tomorrow….”

••• Gael Greene says that—well, you can read the tweet for yourself. There’s been no liquor license application presented to CB1 yet….

Gael Greene



  1. re 108 chambers – the old Tribeca really is disappearing. I would have liked a few remnants to remain…

  2. I can confirm that Axl has been renting in Tribeca. He lives in a friend’s building. And they say he doesn’t get out much.

  3. re 108 Chambers — the contiguous is more likely the Basics Plus Locksmith (also a 1 story) located on the Church St. side next to the coffee house.

  4. Yeah, Troy, but how do we really know? It would be great if you had a photograph to verify your confirmation. Let’s say a photo of Axl sitting on his couch playing Xbox with a towel wrapped around his head or scrambling some egg whites with a completely different towel wrapped around his head while holding today’s newspaper with the date clearly visible . Obviously, this photo should be taken from a neighboring building with a telephoto lens. The Celebrity-Where-Are -You-Now Tactical Imaging Squad is on alert – ready to process any and all digital images.

  5. @mah: That’s what I meant by “hardware store” (but I was too lazy to go back out to see if it’s one story). Thanks!

  6. Matt Rojas left Rouge et Blanc? Bummer. The new idea is a yawn.

  7. NYPost says Axl gets out and parties with Leo…

  8. @Erik, any chance you could do a 24/7 blog-o-update on Axl’s movement? I am getting winded constantly circling the neighborhood and I reaaaaally have to get back to photographing my neighbors. Get this – I have a new neighbor that just moved in, so no shades or temp shades! I need to get J&R to get a bigger compact flash card!!!

  9. Hilarious, Jim, thanks.