The Shopdogs of Tribeca (Vol. 5)

Let’s pay tribute to the Employees of the Month—who would like their treats now, thank you very much. (Also worth checking out: Shopdogs Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4)

Tiger at Valley 101613VALLEY
Name: Tiger
Breed: English mastiff
Owner/parent/boss: Kim Carton
What’s his workday like? Tiger comes to shop every day and sits behind the desk. He goes out at 2:30 p.m. to do his business and he plops right down again behind the desk.
Anything else we should know? He loves little dog visitors and he protects us from creeps. Tiger is our security.


Mila and Lila at Tribeca SoulTRIBECA SOUL
Mila and Lila
Breeds: Chihuahua and Chihuahua/Miniature Dachshund/Miniature Pinscher
Owner/parent/boss: Vanessa Inniss
What’s their workday like? They greet everybody, and they love to be pampered. Lila likes to sunbathe—people getting their nails done always laugh because she’s sunbathing by them.
Anything else we should know? They play musical chairs—they love to sit in clients’ laps.


Fonzie at Reade Street Animal Hospital 102113READE STREET ANIMAL HOSPITAL
Name: Fonzie
Breed: Domestic longhair.
Owner/parent/boss: Nobody owns the Fonz. He’s the boss of the staff at RSAH.
What’s his workday like? He hangs out in the lobby and chatters at pigeons until his staff arrives and will serve him breakfast. He takes a nap until early afternoon, then will come to the lobby to act as ambassador and get some required love from the staff. He tolerates us again until dinner time, then banishes us all from his home so that he may hang out with his best girl, Marley.
Anything else we should know? Since he’s the boss he goes around barefoot, but if he were to buy shoes, they would have to be special made (of course!) since he has two extra toes per foot.


Bumper at Postmasters 102213POSTMASTERS
Name: Bumper
Breed: French bulldog
Owner/parent/boss: Magdalena Sawon
What’s his workday like? It involves a lot of sleeping! We attempt to contain him in the office, but sometimes he comes out. He’s usually friendly—unless someone comes in with a small fluffy dog.
Anything else we should know? He was a gallery dog since birth. He thinks it’s his place. But he does get incredibly concerned on Mondays, when we’re closed.

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