In the News: Really Good Italian Sandwiches

••• Downtown Lunch‘s review of Pisillo Italian Panini—the new sandwich shop at Nassau and Fulton—inspired me to go there for lunch. I loved it! But then I’m all about an old-school Italian sandwich: a little sopressata, a little provolone, some roasted peppers, on a very chewy sfilatino roll. And it was huge! Pisillo said it delivers and it’s on GrubHub; check it out. (Bear in mind that “panini” means ‘sandwiches” in Italian, not necessarily pressed sandwiches.) Also: cash only. And: Not sure I’ve seen the new 1WTC show up in a logo before….

••• The New York Post acted like it learned of the wailing of One World Trade Center all by itself. Look, I know as well as anyone that it’s folly to wait around to be credited, but a reporter from the Post actually called me to talk about the sound, and when I wouldn’t make the 9/11 allusion she was looking for, I put her in touch with Kenny Cummings, who shot the video. (He wouldn’t do the 9/11 thing either.) If you’re going to use me to get to a quote, the least you can do is mention my website. All in all, it was what we in the publishing industry call a dick move. P.S. The video on YouTube now has more than 400,000 views. Viral, baby!

••• Related: Gizmodo looks into buildings that howl. And includes this on 1WTC: “The architects haven’t commented on the cause yet, but a rep from the Port Authority told the local news channel Pix 11 that the source could be one of the large shafts that are still open within the under-construction tower—in which case, the noise will eventually cease. If the noise is coming from louvres or the building’s spire, however, it will mean identifying and retrofitting the building—no small feat, considering the scale and cost of the WTC.”

••• The apartment in 260 W. Broadway with the Keith Haring mural is back on the market. —Daily Intel

••• “To cover the cost of keeping the island open seven days a week next summer, the Trust for Governors Island has quietly proposed charging a $2 round-trip fare for the formerly free ferries to the island.” —DNAinfo

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  1. Totally agree on Pisillo. I learned about it through the Midtown Lunch site (yeah, yeah, Pisillo is downtown, but . . .). Had a similar sandwich to yours: sopressata, provolone, artichokes, and “hot spread” (which tastes to me like hot peppers pureed with mayo) on the regular bread. Very well-balanced flavors, and neither too much nor too little filling. I like that they don’t overstuff it with iceberg lettuce and out-of-season tomatoes. One sandwich was a whole loaf, easily enough for two people, which made it a great bargain. And the San Pellegrino citrus sodas are only $1.50 each!

  2. @Suzanne: I agree that I could’ve split mine with someone, and I don’t say that often. Did you happen to ask/notice whether it’s open on weekends?

  3. And my little video (posted on Tribeca Citizen) last year has been picked up by and now has over 4500 hits. That’s viral to me.

  4. FYI Pisillo is open Saturdays. Good news for that part of town!