Seen & Heard: Jewelry Sale

FulvaFusca invite••• Tribecans Lisa Lowenstein and Cristina Vergano have founded Fulva Fusca, a new jewelry line: “We draw upon the protective, symbolic, spiritual, historic, and artistic energies of each element along with their chromatic balance and visual harmony to create pieces that don’t dictate how they are worn, instead they transcend fashions and trends to become one with your individual style.” And they’re having an introductory sale Dec. 5-8 at 148 Duane. All the info is in the invite shown above.

••• François Payard—of François Payard Bakery, which has an outpost on Goldman Alley—has a newish cookbook out: Payard Desserts.

••• Pen Parentis‘s spring lineup includes Andre Dubus III, Ann Hood, Rick Moody, and Elissa Schappell—not too shabby! I’ll post the monthly lineups as we get closer to each one, or of course you can sign up for the Pen Parentis newsletter at its website.

••• The last Wednesday Tribeca Greenmarket till spring is Dec. 18. The Saturday one stays open year round.

••• The T-Mobile store in the Woolworth Building has opened.

T-Mobile in Woolworth Building

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