New Kid on the Block: Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports Tribeca facadeTribeca’s indoor-cycling world just got much more competitive. Flywheel Sports‘s fourth New York City studio, at Greenwich and Hubert, is in now preview mode, with public signups available for Monday (and, come Sunday, beyond).

Bookings open on Sundays for Tuesday through the following Monday. You reserve a specific bike, like buying a ticket to the theater. Shoes are included in the rate ($32 for a single session, with deals if you purchase a package), and once your shoe size is in the system, you’ll arrive at the studio to find a pair in the cubby with your bike’s number. There’s one classroom with 47 bikes arranged in stadium fashion and TorqBoards—as the real-time scoreboards showing who’s working hardest are called. Unlike some other Flywheel locations, the Tribeca studio will not feature FlyBarre classes. It does have four individual changing/shower rooms, along with a wall of lockers (the blue ones have outlets inside so you can charge your phone while you ride). Bottled water is included, and there’s also filtered water.

Once you’re a fan—like many folks around here already are—you’ll no doubt want to browse the wall of logo merchandise, which is 15% off through Dec. 13.

Flywheel Sports is at 415 Greenwich (at Laight), 212-242-5162;

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  1. Will be interesting to see if they put a dent into Soul Cycle. I’m going on Sunday and eager to try it out. Just based on the pics it seems like they have a lot of extra space and love the water/shoes with the price.

  2. The best thing (in my opinion) about flywheel compared to Soul is the stadium seating. You actually look over the person in front of you as opposed to staring at their ass. Also like the ability to see how hard I’m working compared to others via their power meter application.

  3. Soulcycle is the worst – staring at person’s ass, no indication of results, old bikes, no technology. I have been waiting for FW to come to Tribeca for a long time – shoes and water included? Yes thank you

  4. I do love Soulcycle… I love the instructors and the music is usually awesome BUT…. I am so happy to have Flywheeel in Tribeca. First of all, your shoes are waiting in your cubby, shoes and water are included in the $32, stadium seating is awesome, they have air (sometimes I wonder why someone hasn’t died at Soulcycle… you have to ask for them to turn on the 4 small fans), the competition makes you work harder (did it for a week straight and there was a lot of improvement), AND you get a deal when you buy a group of classes. Some nice little additions at Flywheel (outlets in your locker)

  5. Everything looks lovely! Especially the class board, where I see the name of the BEST SPIN TEACHER in the WORLD….Darryl Gaines.