A Nightclub on W. Broadway?

You might recall that the Community Board 1 agendas for December included this:

1) 285 W. Broadway, application for a liquor license for PJ150 LLC

Well, the revised agendas were emailed out today, and now they say this:

1) 285 W. Broadway, application for a liquor license for Haus

Vat is Haus, you ask? The first thing I found online was a recurring Sunday-night party called Haus at Meatpacking club Cielo: “No Exit Productions’ Matt Maggiacomo & Constantino Papadakis introduce a new weekly Sunday night dance spectacular, HAUS at Cielo. After an overwhelmingly successful spring launch that drew over 700 lovers of HAUS, DJ Honey Dijon assumes residency at Cielo every Sunday. Together the No Exit team draws the best and brightest of New York into the legendary dance haven. Guests will experience ONE SERIOUS DANCE PARTY each Sunday—and the biggest, boldest house beats to be heard on a sizzling summer New York City night.” That’s not dated, and the club’s Facebook page had no mention of Haus, so I wasn’t sure if it’s still going on. (Calling a club is pointless.) The promoters’ Twitter account stops in early 2012.

So I checked Eater. Back in August, it was announced that Haus—no clue if it’s related to the one above—would be the new owner of the Greenhouse and W.I.P., the Hudson Square clubs that locals don’t much like. But that appears not to have happened—which could leave Haus, whatever it is, looking for a new spot, and where better than the Canal Room, where no one lives right nearby? Or will the residents of One York, the American Thread Building, Lispenard Street, and south Soho—or the folks at Hazelden’s Tribeca Twelve dorm, the Sheraton Tribeca, the James, and the Hilton Garden Inn—come to the CB1 Tribeca meeting on Wednesday to raise what concerns about another serious nightclub in the neighborhood? It’s at 6 p.m. at 49-51 Chambers.

Know anything about Haus? I’m at tribecacitizen@gmail.com or 917-209-6473.

UPDATE: I heard from the attorney for the owner, who said that the owner—while the same person who was sniffing around the Greenhouse space—intends to open more of a lounge with an emphasis on mixology. And while they will be seeking a cabaret license (because if people do dance and you don’t have one, you can get in hot water), there are plans to turn the current dance floor into seating, and there will be no dedicated dance floor. We’ll learn more on Wednesday night….


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  1. So what! That has been a club for years! And a fun one (at least the shows I’ve been to there!)
    It is good to have a music club downtown.