Seen & Heard: The Armoury Is Soft Opening Next Week

••• That quasi-plaza on the east side of Hudson, by the Holland Tunnel offramps, is finally open. It wants plants.

••• The Sterling Mason is finally above ground.

••• Menswear store the Armoury is soft opening on Tuesday (in the old Working Class space on Duane).

••• Cowboy Junkies, probably my favorite non-Prince musical artist, are playing City Winery March 4 and 5. Two visits ago, they played the best concert ever; last time, it was almost entirely new music, and I have yet to forgive them.

••• The Harley-Davidson store opening at Broadway and White will have a coffee bar.

••• From the Tribeca Greenmarket: “We have a brand-new-to-Greenmarkets farm joining us at the Tribeca Greenmarket this Saturday: Rosehaven Alpacas. They raise several breeds of alpacas, and make naturally colored and dyed yarns, as well as apparel and dolls for men, women, and children from their own alpaca wool. They will be here for the month of December only.”

••• The Friends of Bogardus Garden’s Holiday Sing event is Dec. 11. Click that link to see the flyer.

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  1. Whats the name of the plaza ?

  2. @Manny: I don’t think it’s enough of a plaza to have a name.