David Bouley’s Latest Venture

courtesy Bouley BotanicalIt’s been an open secret that David Bouley was up to something in the old White & Church space (and before that, Il Matto and Arqua), and while most people were saying the chef was opening an event space, others seemed to think—or possibly just hope—that he might be trying a market again. Well, here’s the lowdown on Bouley Botanical, as the endeavor is called, from its website:

Chef David Bouley and the Bouley Team have created a versatile new venue, Bouley Botanical, a living events space designed to excite all five senses, dedicated to the celebration of Private, Social and Business Events. Think of Botanical as a blank canvas that can be themed through color LED lighting, media wall, state-of-the-art sound, video and decoration to fit the mood of your event. Located in Tribeca at 281 Church Street (corner of White), Botanical envelopes your guests in an environ of pure ingredients, featuring 400+ edible species of plants growing in vertical window gardens, supported by the largest bio-dynamic green house in New England.

It certainly looks nice from the outside, with the plants in the windows, and if the front door is open, do peek inside to notice the attractive open front stairwell leading to the lower level.

Bouley Botanical facade

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  1. Maybe it is just me, but i had never hear about this opening. Thanks for giving us the heads up Erik! It is an interesting concept. I hope it does well.