Seen & Heard: Fighter Jets in Formation

••• From NotifyNYC: “Tomorrow, Friday, 12/13/13, seven F/A-18 Hornet aircraft piloted by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron will fly over the Hudson River to take promotional photos in front of One World Trade Center.” (To promote what, exactly? Our aggressive nature? Our ability to harm? From Wikipedia: The F/A-18 is “a twin-engine supersonic, all-weather carrier-capable multirole combat jet, designed to dogfight and attack ground targets.”) “Six aircraft will fly in formation and one will take photos. The flight will depart from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey at approximately 1:15 PM and will consist of three passes over the Hudson River heading south, then north, and south again at a height of approximately 1,000 feet.”

••• Also from NotifyNYC: Fireworks around 8:30 p.m. tonight over Ellis Island.

••• Can someone explain why Franklin Place is being built one half at a time? (This is the view from Broadway.) Someone mentioned to em once that you leave enough of the original building up during construction so you don’t have to call it a total demolition and thereby incur DOB red tape, but I don’t know if that’s true.

••• Khe-Yo is now open Sundays, the only day it’ll serve pho: “The Laotian-style Pho boasts Creekstone Farms sliced ribeye, braised brisket and oxtail, fresh pho noodles and will be served with vegetables like water spinach, iceberg lettuce and a homemade dipping sauce of Sriracha hoisin with fried garlic and pork rinds that Chef Phet encourages to be added to the Pho.” It’s $23.

••• From Torly Kid: “Torly Kid is hosting a Christmas caroling event this Sunday, December 15, at 5 p.m. Participating families meet at the Torly Kid storefront (51 Hudson St.) at 4:30 PM to receive songbooks and rehearse. The parade of songs will kick-off at 5:00 PM in front of Shoofly. Other stops along the route include, Boomerang Toys, Whole Foods on Greenwich St. and Washington Market Park. Following the event, participants can regroup and warm up at Torly Kid with hot cocoa and cookies.” If you plan on participating, email

••• From T.: “The other day I was walking down West Broadway when a minivan pulled up next to me and a passenger yelled. ‘Hey buddy, wanna buy a home theater? I won one and don’t have the space.’ I shook my head and kept walking. This would have been a forgotten oddity except this happened to me again today. This time it was in front of Shake Shack on Murray St. Also, a minivan (I believe this one was different from the first one) and another young man yelling the same story at me. I’m just not sure what to think of it. Either these guys really have a ‘home theater’ in the van (who da hell wants a home theater anymore??) or there’s something else involved here. I’m curious if anyone else has come across this.” Indeed! Anyone know anything? UPDATE: Do read Turnip Truck’s comment. Luckily, he/she knows how to use the Google.

••• Is Shigeru Ban’s two-story glass-box penthouse finally going up at 361 Broadway? A sidewalk shed is being installed.

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  1. I saw the ‘home theater guys’ in the neighborhood driving down Greenwich and doing their spiel – probably around a year ago, on a weekend. It was extremely strange and everyone they tried calling over just kept their distance.

  2. The van home theater system thing is a scam. Been around for a while. The stuff is either stolen, about to blow up, or already malfunctioning. Offer $50 & see how they react.

  3. My husband was approached near Whole Foods a few months ago, same deal. Home theater system ready to give away. He ignored them but was totally bothered by it. We saw the van later that day circling BPC by the ball fields. So creepy.

  4. “To promote what, exactly? Our aggressive nature? Our ability to harm?”

    These are the exact same planes that are protecting your First Amendment Right to a Free Press. Too bad you can’t see the connection.

  5. @Angel: Actually, the biggest opponent of a free press in the US right now is the Obama administration.

  6. Yes, the Obama administration has had a chilling effect on your reporting!

  7. Kudos to @Turnip truck for identifying the scam.

    There is another variation of this scam. The other day I was driving west on Canal near the entrance to the Holland tunnel. I noticed a man holding an Apple shopping bag in one hand and a sealed iPad in the other. A trucker was fidgeting with his wallet and handed the guy cash. Too bad.

    These vans or street ‘vendors’ troll trash at brand name stores and pick up empty boxes of brand name stuff. Put a few rocks or a brick for larger items and re- shrink wrap the box and voila a hot iPad for $100 bucks!

    Most of these crimes go unreported since just like conventional con artists they prey on the greed and gullability of their victims Buyer beware!