Super Linda Is Closing

After nearly two years, Super Linda is closing after Friday night. Eater got an announcement from the restaurant: “Lou Ceruzzi has decided to close Super Linda, the Latin grill in Tribeca. He and his partners are excited to bring a new concept, already in the works, to the neighborhood.” Eater says “Now it sounds like Ceruzzi is in charge,” although there’s no mention of who his new partners are.

super linda dining room2

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  1. was only a matter of time. it never stood a chance

  2. As far as I was concerned, after my first and only meal there, it didn’t deserve a chance.

  3. Only ate there once. Cold food, slow service. Now can we get Delphi back?

  4. Left there one night wondering what the proprietors were thinking with this place. Guess i was right.

  5. Delphi, which preceded it and was a dependable and affordable standard in the neighborhood for decades, would no doubt still be going strong if Ceruzzi hadn’t bought the site.

  6. Bill, the original owner of Delphi, was broken hearted at losing his lease. Then he died of cancer caused, I believe, by his opening the place on 9/11 to all the recovery workers and inhaling a lung full of glass and crap. His family, however, is still in the restaurant business and it would be great to have Delphi back. Not going to happen. But it would be great.