In the News: Another Smith & Mills

••• 346 Broadway will be marketed at 108 Leonard in order to avoid Broadway stigma and capitalize on 56 Leonard’s heat. Also, from the developer: “We are considering a five-star plus boutique hotel of between 50 and 75 suites. There are currently 150 parking spaces and we will retain many of them so that the majority of the homes have parking spaces.” —New York Post

••• “The East River Ferry experiment has proved such a success that its operations will be extended five years beyond the pilot project stage, till 2019.” —Curbed

••• “Matt Abramcyk has filed for a liquor license at 137 Sullivan Street, the former twenty-year home to Jean Claude restaurant, which has since relocated to the Upper East Side. Abramcyk presented plans to CB2 Manhattan in June”—huh—”to open a 48-seat outpost of his Tribeca restaurant Smith & Mills.” Is a Smith & Mills that’s not unique or tiny still a Smith & Mills? Or are his plans to convert Ivy’s into an oyster bar called the Maritime finally coming to fruition? (Possibly with Smith & Mills incorporated into it…?) Back in May of 2012, Ivy’s said it had “a little more than two years on its lease.” Below: One of the Maritime floor plans. —Grub Street

maritime floorplan first floor

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