In the News: Probation Office Lawsuit

••• “Outraged opponents of a plan to move the city’s Probation Department to the Financial District are taking the Bloomberg administration to court in a bid to derail the project. Pace University, Century 21 and Financial District homeowners charge in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit that the city tried to pull a fast one by giving little notice about the move.” —New York Daily News

••• The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center: not dead yet. —Downtown Post NYC

••• “Free Wi-Fi Launches on Water Street and East River Piers.” —DNAinfo

••• “Oil baron John Hess has cashed out on his Tribeca condo, pumping a modest profit—by Manhattan real estate standards—out of the sprawling pad at 101 Warren St. Hess, 59, CEO of the fuel company that bears his family name, recently sold his 31st-floor nest in the sky for just shy of $6 million.” —New York Daily News

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  1. Probation has been at 346 Broadway for more than 20 years. Has anyone looked at the impact on crime within a 2 block radius? Since businesses like century 21 are now included, residential and commercial crime committed by probationers should both be studies.

    But why do that when everyone can be hysterical instead?