Blueberry Fusion Café Has Closed

Blueberry Fusion Cafe, the awkwardly named smoothie-and-food takeout restaurant at 200 Church, has closed. It opened not quite six months ago. The sign in the window says that it’ll reopen in the “Downtown Brooklyn Region in the near future.”

Did anyone ever go there? I walked in once and was served attitude, so I bailed.

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  1. The real question here is “How were these dumps ever allowed to operate and get liquor licenses?”

  2. @Bad place: I don’t think Blueberry Fusion Café had a liquor license. And the State Liquor Authority doesn’t really look at the quality of an establishment’s food when it reviews licenses.

  3. I also walked in once and tried to get a single cup of black coffee. Coffee got cold in cup by the time they figured out cash register. Looking forward to next tenant. Any rumors?