Portobello’s Pizzeria Has Closed

First Churrascaria Tribeca, and now this: Thanks to T. for the heads up that Portobello’s Pizzeria at 83 Murray has closed—there was auction sign in the window yesterday, and today the restaurant has clearly cooked its last pie.

Hmm… Could this be where the Juice Press opening on Murray Street will be?

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  1. Loved Portobello and sad to see it go. Antonio was good to the kids, but honestly, the place was run down.

    The work permit in the window yesterday had a “home repair” store moving in.

  2. @Pizza Papa: I looked at the permits yesterday and I didn’t see anything like that. Usually they’re issued to the contractor and not the owner, so maybe what you saw was a contractor’s name that looked like a potential business? I’ll swing by to check again.