Cipriani Is Adding Another Grand Space to Its Empire

Cipriani is adding another of Lower Manhattan’s grand spaces to its empire (besides 55 Wall): The Great Hall at 25 Broadway, where the Cunard Line’s ticket office was back in the day. The architect for the project was at the meeting of Community Board 1’s Financial District Committee the other night to discuss the plans, which involve adding a kitchen in the cellar and bathrooms off to the sides. (The space, which has 69-foot ceilings and dazzling murals, is landmarked inside and out.) The committee was concerned with noise and traffic—as those are also issues over at 55 Wall—especially in regard to how a venue that can hold 950 people will impact all those narrow streets. (What’s worse, there’s evidently a bus lane right outside the front door.) They voted 10-0 to allow 2 a.m. closing, and then Cipriani can come back in six months to request 4 a.m. closing Thursday through Saturday.

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