Seen & Heard: Sweet Green Progress

••• Sweet Green is finally starting work on the old Il Mattone space (or it’s grown tired of me peeking in and noting the lack of progress).

••• You can really begin to see how visible 66 Leonard will be from W. Broadway and Varick.

••• CB1’s updated agendas show that the discussion about Denny’s liquor-license application slated for Jan. 21 has been postponed.

••• Peeked into the window at 68 Thomas today—looks commercial (with reception desk in front) and very interesting in back.

••• A sign in its window says that Wolfgang’s Steakhouse says the company is opening a branch in Tokyo next month.

••• There’s a discreet sign in the window at Korner Jewelry (northeast corner of Chambers and Church) saying “space for rent.” Could the store be leaving?

••• I got a firsthand look at the water treadmill at Water4Dogs the other day….

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  1. That video of Howard is *****CUTE****!

  2. Was Howard’s New Years Resolution to get more exercise? The video is adorable….

  3. @Sheila: I’m pretty sure his resolution is to eat more. He had surgery on his spinal cord, poor guy.

  4. ohh poor Howard- but that is great therapy and he seems to be enjoying it, wishes for a speedy recovery Howard

  5. How wonderful. It looks like he is enjoying it…or is there a steak dangling at the other end?

  6. Yeah, I was holding a treat

  7. I think you’re taking your SuperStorm disaster simulation and planning for Howard a little too seriously. In the event of another hurricane or severe flooding, you & everyone else should make your way to the lobby of Goldman Sachs, the new Evacuation Center for Lower Manhattan, I think. Goldman has a lifetime of experience in avoiding disasters and coming out unscathed and even, surprisingly, on better financial footing. But I digress…

  8. Ahhhh, I was wondering why Howard keeps sticking out his tongue. Hope he recovers soon.

  9. Water4Dogs is great!