Seen & Heard: New York Academy of Art’s “Big Picture”

by Eric Fischl courtesy NYAA••• From the New York Academy of Art: “The New York Academy of Art is rolling out the red carpet for a landmark, museum-quality exhibition entitled ‘The Big Picture’ featuring Vincent Desiderio, Eric Fischl, Neo Rauch, Jenny Saville and Mark Tansey opening on January 28 from 6-8pm at the Wilkinson Gallery at 111 Franklin Street. For the very first time, these five icons will be shown together in an exhibit that explores monumentality through six large-scale paintings referencing history painting traditions to abstract expressionism, attesting to the conceptual nature of figurative art.”

••• Mulberry & Vine is now delivering at lunchtime; it’s on Seamless or you can call.

••• Another sweet comment about the closing of Cosmopolitan Café: “This is very sad news for us at the Tribeca Greenmarket,” wrote Lela. “Craig not only sourced many ingredients from the local farmers at our markets, he was known to hand out coffee & hot chocolate to the farmers. I remember the first weekend after Hurricane Sandy, when nearly everything was still closed, trading coffee cups and apples for pancakes as he served free food by candlelight to anyone who came by. We are grateful for Craig’s presence in the neighborhood, and hope to know what his next steps will be.” I got the impression Craig didn’t want to talk, but yes, it would be good to know.

••• Work is starting at the European Wax Center coming to Chambers, or at least the windows have been done up with posters.

European Wax Center

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