Two Stores Are Moving Within Tribeca

Gotham BikesA reader tipped: “Two new stores are opening in the former Bell Bates—a bicycle shop and some sort of gym facility.” My first thought about the bike store was that Gotham Bikes must be moving from W. Broadway—and sure enough, there’s a “for lease” sign in its window. (And then they confirmed the move.)

The other half will be Exceed Physical Culture’s new studio. If bloggers have one thing, it’s time to dig around for this stuff. :)

And Mondo Cane, the modern home decor store is leaving its storefront at 174 Duane for handsome new digs at 50 Lispenard—cementing the theory that northeast Tribeca is raging in terms of style (what with Stillfried Wien, David Weeks Studio, Ted Muehling, Haus Alkire, the forthcoming Bullett, and no doubt others….

50 Lispenard Mondo Cane

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  1. White is the new Duane.