Seen & Heard: Soup Dumplings

••• Went to China Blue the other day for lunch. The soup dumplings were rather good; the waiter was a peach. But I hope they were seating people in the nearly windowless room because of the photo shoot, because I want to have lunch in the main room!

Print••• Having mulled it over for 14 years—a joke!—R 20th Century changed its name to R & Company.

••• The Parks Department says that Collect Pond Park will actually open in the spring.

••• From American Flatbread Tribeca Hearth: “Did you know our dough is available for purchase? $4.50 for gluten-free, $2.25 for small, $3.75 for larges.”

••• Someone on Twitter said Añejo would open in June, but I couldn’t tell if he had reason to know. (Añejo = spinoff of Hell’s Kitchen Mexican restaurant opening at Church and Walker.)

••• Stillfried Wien has a nice new sign.

Stillfried Wien sign

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