Seen & Heard: 15 Warren Art Gallery Photos

••• Mona Akhtar—she of the Citizen Style posts—loved the World of Suits pop-up gallery at 15 Warren, but when she offered to do a post (while I was out of town), I replied that that I thought we’d be too late, since it closes today. So stop by if you can, and/or admire the pix she sent. P.S. I wish the artist(s) hadn’t spray-painted “Triraq” on at least one bus stop.

••• Collect Pond Park is open, according to the LMCCC. I’ll try to wander over today, even if this isn’t the most ideal weather to admire it in. Update: Not open yet. Possibly because of the snow, but there’s still chain-link fencing around the perimeter….

Estancia steak2••• Thanks to Estancia 460, Monday just became a contender for the best night of the week: Every Monday through the end of March, the classic Tribeca hangout—a staple since 1995!—is offering its famous grass-fed strip steak and fries for just $20.14. 460 Greenwich (between Watts and Desbrosses), 212-431-5093. Sponsored.

Urban Outfitters by MM DeVoe••• M.M. Devoe of Pen Parentis notes that Urban Outfitters put up signage for its new store at 180 Broadway.

••• A mini-rant from Troy T., who memorably suggested myriad ways to improve this area a while back: “Tribeca is littered with, to my mind, far too many useless traffic guide boondoggles. This one is near PS 234 on Chambers for no reason I can fathom. Three of them on Broadway tell of bad traffic ahead but succeed in mostly causing more of it by taking up a lane. Mr. DeBlasio, tear down them all.”

traffic signs

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  2. 15 Warren Street Gallery is open all week (10-6pm) through Saturday Jan 11th. Do not miss it – you might be reminded of why, how and who originally made Tribeca such a great neighborhood. It is great to see and know that the next generation of creative minds are alive and well in what otherwise might just be known as “Triburia”.

  3. @Lorraine: I’m sure it’s interesting, but I’m having a hard time forgiving them for the graffiti, such as this on Chambers:

  4. @Erik Torkells

    I’m curious what evidence you have to link this art show to random tags on the street. The tag you posted has been on chambers street for months prior to this show…