In the News: 9/11 Museum to Charge $24 for Admission

••• The 9/11 Museum will charge $24 when it opens in May; “relatives of Sept. 11 victims will always be granted free admission, and the museum will be open free to the public for three hours every Tuesday evening.” —Wall Street Journal

••• The New York Times looks at George Brant and his play Grounded, which is at Walkerspace.

••• “Former New York Giant and current talk show host Michael Strahan finally sold off his Tribeca Space loft at 25 Murray Street for $2.3 million.” —Curbed

••• “The city’s Department of Transportation will take over the roles currently filled by the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, once the command center is dissolved at the end of February.” Great.Downtown Express

••• The Village Voice likes Sole di Capri.