Washington Market Park Is Insanely Beautiful Right Now

Actually, all parks—all trees—are probably insanely beautiful right now, so go outside and enjoy it if you can! (And definitely go before the wind picks up and all the snow dumps right on your head.)

Washington Market Park7 Washington Market Park1 Washington Market Park9 Washington Market Park10 Washington Market Park11 Washington Market Park18 Washington Market Park12 Washington Market Park3 Washington Market Park4 Washington Market Park13 Washington Market Park20 Washington Market Park14 Washington Market Park21 Washington Market Park15 Washington Market Park19 Washington Market Park16 Washington Market Park17

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  1. Do you mean it’s insanely beautiful right now because there are no kids?

    • It was a rare chance for me to be on the other side of the “no adults allowed without kids” sign….

      • By tomorrow, the children will descend up this pristine winter wonderland and destroy it like e. coli on infected flesh.

        • Poor Jim. Your curmudgeon comments are on occassion entertaining, but what in the world did the kids ever do to you to deserve your comments? And what did Erik do to you, for you to ruin his jesture to share a little beauty?

          • If you’ve never had e. coli than you’ll never know, Demetri, you’ll never know. The uncanny and eerily similar experience between having children and having e. coli is not for the faint of heart or imagination or dependable childcare. And I am confident Erik is unfazed by my comment and is going about his life as if nothing is slowly eating away at his skin.

      • Erik: beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. You could sell your images.

      • Super Great! Amazing how great the park trees look in Spring as well, and Fall. And Summer. On!

  2. I was there before myself. It was pristine.

  3. Really beautiful – interesting that most of them look like they are black and white.

  4. beautiful images!

  5. Really great photos. Thanks for posting!

  6. WOW! So beautiful. Thank you Erik for taking so many beautiful photos of our pretty little park! It was so gorgeous the next day as well, with sunlight dancing on this snow globe-like world.