Here Comes the Spring Street Salt Shed

garbage garage square 9813I went over to take a photo of the glassy new NYC Department of Sanitation Garage at West and Spring when I realized that something was missing—namely, the one-story brick building on West between Canal and Spring (that’s it above, before demolition).

And so the 6,300-square-foot Spring Street Salt Shed–or as we southerners will think of it, the Canal Street Salt Shed—is evidently underway. While the location for this and the “garbage garage” might not be ideal, both are pretty good-looking buildings, or at least promise to be. Just check out the renderings below from Dattner Architects. Here’s a description from the company’s website:

Rising nearly 70 feet along the Hudson River at the intersection of Canal Street and West Street, this highly visible structure will house 4,000 tons of salt. The Salt Shed’s crystalline, faceted planes enliven the reinforced concrete enclosure. The structure tapers toward the bottom, creating more pedestrian space, and rises from a glazed moat that will be illuminated at night. [Anyone know what that means? —Ed.] The Salt Shed’s solid, crystalline form acts as a counterpoint to the diaphanous, scrim-like façade of the Manhattan 1/2/5 Garage directly across Spring Street to the north. Completion: 2014.

What I couldn’t figure out was where the trucks will enter and leave, so I called the architect firm, which directed me to the Department of Sanitation. I haven’t heard back, but they probably have their hands full this winter….

Spring Street Salt Shed rendering5  courtesy Dattner ArchitectsSpring Street Salt Shed rendering2 courtesy Dattner ArchitectsSpring Street Salt Shed rendering4  courtesy Dattner ArchitectsSpring Street Salt Shed rendering3 courtesy Dattner ArchitectsSpring Street Salt Shed rendering courtesy Dattner Architects Spring Street Salt Shed 6 courtesy Dattner Architects



  1. Ah DSNY @ Tribeca

    First .. Sun drenched multimillion dollar water front condos for garbage trucks…
    and now.. a miniature Sydney Opera house for salt storage..
    Who says great architecture is dead? har har

    I wonder how much we are paying for all of this…
    Smithers this is a “set up” .. Spike the Ball man! :)

  2. Where will the trucks enter? At street level openings just to the west of the big Holland Tunnel vent structure.

    This whole 4,000 ton salt pile will be open to the elements from the street.

    Remember Superstorm Sandy, when this area was under five feet of water? According to the brilliant brains at City Hall this design was NOT revised after the deluge.

    Catastrophe awaits.

  3. First, it’s above Canal, so it’s off the Tribeca grid.
    Second, Fortress of Saltitude – looove it. They should have spent another $5-7 million and put a Shake Shack or Soul Cycle on the roof.

  4. How would a super storm cause a catastrophe to a concrete structure full of salt? It must be nice being the civil engineer that you are definitely not