Seen & Heard: Work Underway on “Cast-Iron Inversion”

83 Walker••• Work has indeed started on Morris Adjmi’s “cast-iron inversion” at 83 Walker. Can’t wait to see this one take shape.

••• According to the updated Community Board 1 agendas, the Tribeca Family Festival will be Saturday, April 26; the Cercle Rouge Bastille Day party will be Thursday, July 10.

••• From a reader: “Best show in town this weekend is the dismantling of the crane at the 56 Leonard site. A worker tells me that the old one (a fancy Italian model) was too slow and between today and Wednesday, they will remove it and erect a new one. Lanes blocked, and some specially rigged second crane brought in to do the take-down. Bring a picnic and the children!” (It may have already happened yesterday….)

••• Drama at the UPS Store on Broadway.

UPS store note

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  1. Not surprised about the UPS Store. I used them a lot and would swear they were stoned most of the time.

  2. I used them a couple of times and felt they were always overcharging. One time I took a package to be delivered and they told me it would cost $45. I told them that I had a similar package delivered at another UPS location for $20 just a few days earlier and they immediately reduced the price to $20. Shady.

  3. Also, forgot to mention. The crane thing going on Leonard could possibly be the reason for the removal of the Citibikes.