Pier 26 Restaurant Update

Pier 26 restaurant1Still no word on which of the six contenders might end up running the restaurant space(s) under construction at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26, but during a walk the other day, it was hard not to admire the progress that’s been made on the building. That staircase!

Above: The view from the south. Below: The view from the east.

Pier 26 restaurant2Is that a new bench style? (Click it to see it larger.) Or at least a new seating style? Because it’s not really a freestanding bench, but wooden slats laid out on the planter’s edge. Presumably that’s a waiting area for diners…? And/or a way to dissuade skateboarders…?

Pier 26 restaurant3Back around to the south. Note the meadow of sorts planted in front of the staircase. I believe there are going to be tables on the raised area in front of the windows.

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  1. Erik, Do we know an opening date?

  2. what about the kayak boathouse on Pier 26 which was the intended purpose in the first place, not a restaurant?

  3. The dock and launch site for kayaks, windsurfers, sailboats, etc. is on the north side (not shown in these photos)