In the News: Bonobos Signs on at Brookfield Place

••• Menswear brand Bonobos is opening a store in Brookfield Place. —Wall Street Journal

••• In case you’ve been wondering about who did those palm tree paintings at Paul’s Baby Grand, the nightclub in the Tribeca Grand. —Wall Street Journal

••• In an article about Sharif El-Gamal’s plans for a Midtown site, the New York Times says that the Park51 developer’s “plans for the Islamic center have largely stalled.”

••• “Lower Manhattan once again will host the final two-and-a-half miles of the [New York Road Runners] Half Marathon, one of the biggest running events in the city. [But] this year the masses of participants will be encouraged to make their way south to festivities in Battery Park.” It’s Sunday, Mar. 16. —Tribeca Trib

••• “The main entrance to the World Trade Center PATH train station was closed again Tuesday morning due to falling ice from One World Trade Center.” —New York Post

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  1. When we went thru the PATH train/concourse connection last night, they were building some kind of structure outside the entrance. Thought it might be a protection against the falling ice. BTW I got caught going thru there during the incident Tuesday morning, and they assume everybody using it is going to/from New Jersey, so if you’re just going from BPC to West Broadway and not to the PATH, they don’t bother to let you know you can’t get out. If you see more people than usual going from east to west through the concourse, that’s your clue.